Background/Aims for the Summer Academy 2015        

The International Summer Academy 2015 in Sønderborg welcomes young people from the region, from other European regions/countries and abroad, who will meet to discuss steps towards a Europe making better use of its human and cultural assets – in the wake of the experiences of the summer academy 2013, which set an important standard for IUC´s work in the youth field, and the European elections 2014.

The aim of the summer seminar is to further develop a platform for dialogue, intercultural exchange and networking by e.g. using concepts and expressions of culture as strategic factors in the development of European citizenship. The project will be developed in close cooperation with local and international partners.

Europe/the EU has recently been experiencing one of the worst crises in its history, which goes along with a serious loss of trust in the legitimacy and creative power of democratic institutions on the national and the European level. Many citizens in Europe express a strong demand for more direct and different participation and more transparency via movements, rallies, social networks, and campaigns. At the same time, however, the financial crisis and its economic impact have triggered new waves of national resentment and prejudice, which pose a profound threat to European democracy.

The Summer Academy will address these challenges and discuss conflicting concepts in culture and politics by using a variety of advanced tools and methods, and set up new models and agendas for inspiration and work in the future. Taking its starting-point in the dilemmas mentioned above the SA will aim at creating a common European narrative for the participants and present recommendations on how to work with and present European citizenship in a political and cultural context. Included in the seminar week will be excursions, study visits, cultural products, performance, interaction with the city etc. The results of the week will be presented in videos from the innovative work process and the outcome uploaded to YouTube and other platforms for dissemination.


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Nina Nørgaard

Executive Director