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Last week’s program has been a colourful mix of methods, events, and approaches to the question of how to discuss and tackle current issues in Environment & Sustainability; Migration & Mobility; and History & Memory and how to actively involve youth and their opinions and expectations in future visions. One of the final products are our creative videos which represent the workshop outputs, in addition to a written statement. Here are some snapshots!


This is part of the video of the Workshop on Migration and Mobility. The red brick building in the back is currently used as the Asylum Center in Sonderborg. — with Nikos Kabanos.


From left to right:
(1) “My dream is to get a degree in English literature and work as a translator.”
(2) “My dream is to complete my post-graduate studies, start a career in nano-science, and start a family with my fiancée.”
(3) “My dream is to work at a large international company, and to have time to play tennis and read a lot.”

Could you tell whether these dreams belong to our participants or Syrian refugees? — with Kaya KayaaEmil Nusser and Lotta Majewski.

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