Background/Aims for the Summer Academy 2018

Within the framework of IUC, European Academy Berlin (EAB) and partner organizations, the aim is to develop a youth project, to create a strong European youth agenda, by empowering young people to take active part in the European integration process and make their voices heard in a structured way. The International Summer Academy 2018 in Berlin welcomes young people, who will meet to discuss scenarios for a future Europe, making better use of its assets culturally and politically.

The aim of the summer seminar is also to set up a European youth internet platform for dialogue, intercultural exchange and networking, e.g. using concepts and expressions of politics and culture as strategic factors. We intend to go beyond the framework of institutional “youth policies” developed within the European Union as top-down approaches. Rather, the seminar should make already existing experiences, demands and perceptions of young individuals more visible and create a space, in which they meet and develop new forms of cross-border connections, as well as making use of inventive creative expressions. Whereas debates and media representation often focus on EU institutions and national governments, attention should also be given to the strong demand for more direct and different participation, and transparency – via movements, rallies, social networks, and campaigns expressed and carried out by many young citizens – in interaction with people and organizations (political and artistic) from Berlin – Europe´s capital. As well as in dialogue with decision-makers in Germany and the EU.

Possible outputs can be short videos, narratives, blog entries, podcasts, etc. Connecting past and current experiences with a broader vision, a “manifesto”, which questions and challenges phenomena of present Europe and sets agendas for the future. Presented in a website, set up by participants and others, which will have appeal and influence far beyond the actual week in Berlin, to be used in a variety of contexts, e.g. aiming for the European Parliament election in 2019.
The seminar will be coordinated by IUC and EAB (and several other partners) and hosted in the spectacular building of the European Academy in Grunewald – a historical place in Berlin.

5-6 days ( 29.7 – 3.8, 2018) at the EAB
50-60 participants (and moderators) aged 18-25+

Seminar elements:

  • Teambuilding
  • Exhibition gallery
  • Presentations of good experiences/practices from youth projects
  • Inputs from key Europeans
  • Study visits/exploring Berlin/interaction with local organizations/people/politicians
  • Workshops on how to develop cross border agendas for and by young people in Europe
  • Workshops on media literacy
  • Cultural/political manifestos to be presented in Berlin/Brussels
  • Advanced use of social media/websites
  • Dialogue with decision-makers and preparations for 2019 elections


  • Nina Nørgaard, Director, IUC-Europe
  • Dr. Andrea Despot, Director European Academy Berlin
  • Dr. Weronika Priesmeyer-Tkocz, Project Manager EAB

Team Members

  • Andreas Guidi, Project Management
  • Christin Knüpfer, Project Management
  • Ifor Molenhuis,  Project Management
  • Magdalena Tashkova, Project Administration
  • Leise Sandeman, Project Management
  • Johanna Sokoliess Project Management
  • Maria Herwig Project Manager Economy
  • Micky Wang, Graphic Designer