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European innovation labs, part 1
Four parallel workshops
Explore challenges, define problems, find solutions, present visions/
structured process in steps (under development)

Politics (moderators: Lawand Namo/Simon Dorph)

  • Rethinking Europe from patchwork to union and back?
  • How do we make integration stronger?
  • How to engage youth in European elections (2019) and in the civil society?

History (moderator: Andreas Guidi)

  • How do we set up a dialogue between the past and the present?
  • Do we need a European narrative?

Culture (moderator: Ifor Molenhuis)

  • How to use our cultural heritage as a source of inspiration to develop new stories by and for young people including creative digital media
  • How can culture/arts provide bridges in times of polarization?

Sustainability (moderator: Leise Sandemann)

  • Looking to the past, what lessons can be learned about the ability of societies to enact positive lasting change for the well-being of its citizens?
  • Looking to the future what does sustainable development look like and how do we ensure it becoming reality?

(Links for the topics will be provided)

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